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Menova Heyeqianzi Slimming Capsule(48pills)


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Menova Heyeqianzi Slimming Capsule(48pills)

It is based on traditional Chinese medicine "medicine food homology theory", and refined through a variety of natural plant extracts and biologically active substances. Excellent "plant sponge", effectively helping you eliminate every involved eating fat, fundamentally eliminating obesity, help you create the perfect figure. You can really lose weight in the process, full experience "of light reduction, free" fun.

MENOVA heye qianzi slimming capsule

Function one:
Fat loss resistance of sugar, reducing excessive amounts of fat and sugar in food digestion and absorption, elimination of fat to repeat.

Effectiveness of two:
Provide best nutritional, balanced nutrition structure.

Effectiveness of three:
Decomposition of the body wall of blood and organ fat, reducing repeat fat, fixed non-healthy recipes, solve obesity, shape, may shape, slimming down fat-proof.

MENOVA heye qianzi slimming capsule

Main ingredients: Orange, France ban Xia, Fuling, licorice, Lotus leaf, green tea, gynostemma blue.
Net weight: 220mgX48 grains

Eat: 1 times a day, 2 capsules at a time, can be taken in the morning with food and clothing, or alone.

Execution standard: Q/(GZ) MZN4-2003

Approval number: Guangdong health food certificate (2007), 0100B00872

Storage: seal cool and dry place.

Shelf life: three years